Dyck and his team did some structural repairs, siding and window replacement to our home. He and his team did each task in a professional and courteous manner. We were pleased with the results and would definitely recommend him and his team.

Stephen C.


If you have gutters, be sure to keep them cleared. Inspect them regularly and avoid walking on the roof more than necessary (it wears out the asphalt granules).  Don't be naive about the physics of handling water and managing tree seed & leaf fall. Do your homework.

Verify gutters are needed as there are other options for handling water and erosion. If you have or are considering gutter covers beware that almost none work well (depending on conditions). It is a good awareness that gutters and covers that don't work can cause more problems than if you have none.  Even with good covers there is some (hopefully less) need for regular attention.

FYI: The gutter cover I offer is exclusive from my company.  I've tested it personally for three years.  It's the only one that meets my criteria.


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